Maintenance & Safety Checks

Ultimate Play System Makeover & Safety Check:

This program is a two-step process. Service available May - September depending on weather conditions

Day 1:

Our professional service team will first complete a safety inspection, and check for any potential warranty related issues on your play system. * We will then professionally power clean your entire play system. Power cleaning is necessary to remove all molds, mildew, pollen, dirt and debris before your play system is sealed. *See 10 Point Safety Checklist below.

Day 2:

Remove canopy, swings and other items. We will then tighten hardware and hand-rub a transparent, oil-based sealer on your play system. Once complete, we re-attached all the accessories. This program will not only revitalize the look and feel of your play system, it will also help reduce weathering, cracking, discoloration and drying of your wood! We recommend that you seal your play system after the first 9 to 15 months, then every two years.


The “Ultimate Makeover” may be impacted by inclement weather, as we cannot apply a sealer in the rain. Scheduling is handled on a first-to-schedule, first-to-service basis. We will contact you the day prior to “Day 1” of the program. “Day 2” will normally be completed the next business day barring any weather related issues. Access to a water supply is necessary. You can also add new swings, ropes, discs, canopies or any other accessory!

What will my set look like after the Ultimate Makover?

Your set is going to have a different look to it than it originally did. The original stain that was on your set was a semi-transparent water-based redwood stain that sat on the surface like paint to blend the Redwood and/or Cedar pieces together. (if you have seen a cedar closet or chest, you know that it naturally does not have a single uniform color). This finish can wear off and even flake off over time. It usually lasts between 6-12 months and is more for cosmetic looks then it is for protection of the wood. We will be sealing your play system with a transparent tinted (Heart Redwood by Superdeck #2005 – a Sherwin-Williams product). It is a Tung Oil, Linseed Oil and Mineral Oil sealer in a Mineral Spirit’s base that penetrates the wood surface and hardens the wood from the inside out. It won’t wear off or flake off like the semi-transparent stain that was originally on your set and provides superior water and UV protection of the wood. It will get generally darker over time and when it finally gets dirty it just needs to be power washed and another coat added to it. Even though when it is washed in the future the Tung oil is still locked in the wood. Since this is a transparent oil sealer that hardens the wood you are going to see more wood grain and color variations than you saw with the original stain on the set.


The sealer is in the wood instantly and will not be affected by rain, should it rain later in the day. We ask that you stay off your play system for 48 hours to allow the mineral spirits to evaporate allowing the wood to harden and seal itself from the weather and sun.


Pricing is based on size of set and the wood accessories such as rock wall, monkey bars, wood roof. Emailing a picture and contact information to your sales/service representative will provided the details needed to issues an exact price for the service. There is no charge for the service until it is completed.


1. Has your play set ever been stained or sealed before?

2. If so, was it done professionally by Playground World or by someone else?

3. If not by Playground World, was your play set stained using a solid color stain? semi-transparent stain? Or an oil-based sealer? 


* If yes to #3, sorry but PGW cannot seal your set. Solid color stain is like paint and cannot be fully removed with power washing. Any stain left on the set may peel off after applying our oil-based sealer. Some water-based semi-transparent stains can be washed off; solid color stains cannot be re-finished by PGW.

Playground World's 10 Point Safety Inspection Checklist

Service available May - September depending on weather conditions

• Check and tighten all swing hangers

• Tighten of carriage bolts

• Tighten all major lag bolts/screw

• Visual inspection of wood for any potential safety/warranty issue

  When required, we will submit warranty for customer (Woodplay only)

• Rockwall rock inspection

• Check for and tighten all safety handles

• Check all ropes for condition and security

• Check slide for stability and defects/damage

• Stability check

• Grease tire/basket swing swivel hardware when applicable

 These services begin in May and typically run through September...depending on weather conditions.