Goalsetter Hoops

Choose the perfect basketball hoop for your driveway or backyard court. We have all sizes from the little dribblers to the serious slammer. Our selection is second to none. 

Why choose Goalsetter Hoops?

Hand Crank Adjustment

Easy to adjust from 6' to 10'. Perfect for all sizes and skill levels.

Tough and Durable

Corrosion-resistant hardware, thick guage steel and tempered glass ensure safety and stability for years to come.

Ground Anchoring System

Added stability and easy leveling allows the system to be relocated to a new home.


If you only want to purchase one basektball hoop for your family's growing years, then we have the hoop for you! Great for a 5 year old with a junior ball and tough enough for dad's slam dunk!

Choosing the right basketball hoop

Backboards: Choose a size that fits your yard

For regular game play, a 54" wide backboard is recommended however, backboard sizes vary from 46" wide up to 72" wide. Anything narrower than 54" will limit the ability to make bank shots. A good rule of thumb is to look for 54" or 60" boards with 3/8" thick glass and 72" boards with 1/2" thick glass for gym-correct rebounds. Backboard size is also dependent on skill level. In general, many people purchase 72" size backboards since high school and college use this as their standard size.

Pole Size: The larger the backboard the thicker the pole

Our pole sizes range from 4x4 (48" or 54" backboards), 5x5 (54" or 60" backboards), and 6x6 (60" or 72" backboards) and are made of a one-piece structural steel post. A thicker pole helps reduce shake and vibration when playing.


Our Goalrilla pole has corrosion-resistant hardware and a powder coated finish for long lasting durability.


Our Goalsetter pole withstands the outdoor elements year after year with it's patented process using 1 primer coat and 2 coats of baked-on acrylic enamel.


Overhead: Allow for safe play

In regulation play, the distrance from the baseline to the front of the backboard is 4 ft. Players will slow way down when running in for a lay-up if the overhang does not allow for safe play. This is due to them not wanting to run into the pole and injure themselves or end up goign off of the court.


A safe play area under the hoop is 2.5' to 4'. Please make sure to match your overhang with the size of your play area or driveway.

Adjustable Rims: Adjust to acommodate all player types

Regulation basketball rim height is 10 ft. (NBA, college, high school courts). The rim may be lowered easily to accomodate younger players.


A common height for junior level play or novice players working on improving their shooting skilss is 8' or 9'. Rim lowering is common developing shooting skills/technique, while raising the rim will challenge and bring confidence to new players. Our hoops adjust from 6' (Goalsetter) to 7.5' (Goalrilla) to 10' with an external or internal crank adjustment system.

So many options to choose from. We are sure you will find the perfect Goalsetter Basketball Hoop for your yard or backyard court, family, and budget.