Give your gym the look and feel of a premium sport surface.

IndoorPrime™ and HardwoodPrime™ with NEW UV FleXshield™


FlexCourt Modular Indoor Flooring is just as safe on your joints as our Outdoor Sports Tiles. Indoor floors and courts are installed over a 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm rubber pad that immediately creates vertical forgiveness to help reduce strain on joints. Our Indoor Flooring options include UV FleXshield™ coated tiles which makes them extremely scratch and scuff resistant, with a longer life cycle, and they cannot be damaged by moisture or water. Check out our Indoor Flooring options to learn the specific benefits of each. Our team is ready to design custom floor solutions for you. 




FlexCourt has three Modular Indoor Flooring options:

  • Economy IndoorChoice™
  • Premium IndoorPrime™ with UV FleXshield™
  • Premium HardwoodPrime™ with UV FleXshield™

HardwoodPrime™ is our most versatile indoor court option, designed with multi-use in mind. It’s a great choice for every sport. HardwoodPrime™ has the playability, look and feel of hardwood, without the hardwood price. In fact, it’s actually more cost-effective than hardwood.


FlexCourt has two Modular Indoor Mat flooring options:

  • AerobiFlex™ floors are perfect for aerobic activities, providing maximum comfort and safety.
  • RubberFlex™ tiles are extremely durable, tough, non-porous, non-skid rubber that can withstand heavy use – great for garages, workout rooms, and high traffic areas.



What can I use FlexCourt indoor flooring for?

Our indoor tiles are truly all-purpose tiles. Transform part of your home into a personal gym, basketball court, volleyball court, futsal court, handball court or roller-hockey rink, or give your garage or rec room a makeover with a non-skid, waterproof flooring solution.

Are FlexCourt indoor floor tiles noisy?

FlexCourt floor tiles actually help reduce noise. They are the thickest tiles in their class.

Does FlexCourt offer a warranty on their Indoor Flooring?

All FlexCourt tiles come with a Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. Many of our customers report their flooring lasting much longer than its warranty, depending on the level of use and play.

Indoor Flooring Tiles:

  • 10-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on IndoorChoice™ non-coated tiles.
  • 16-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on IndoorPrime™ and HardwoodPrime™ tiles since UV FleXshield™

Indoor Mat Floor Tiles

  • 10-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on AerobiFlex™ and RubberFlex™ non-coated tiles.

Are FlexCourt indoor tiles eco-friendly?

FlexCourt products are made from highest-grade virgin polypropylene in our manufacturing processes, which is all 100% recyclable.

What color options are available with FlexCourt?

Getting a color scheme that you like is easy with FlexCourt. HardwoodPrime™ comes in 4 wood choices and 20 standard colors. IndoorChoice™ and IndoorPrime™ come in 20 standard colors.

FlexCourt Modular Indoor Mat Floor Tiles also have great color choices. AerobiFlex™ comes in 9 standard colors and RubberFlex™ comes in 8 special colors including solid black.





Talk to us about your favorite color combinations. We can create customized designs and logos for your courts.
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