Playhouse XL 6' Combo 3 (44c)

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Creativity abounds with this Woodplay Playhouse series playset. This square-based swing set offers classic backyard fun and encourages both active and creative play. As one of our best swing sets, this Playhouse model is great for younger kids and smaller yards, but don’t let its size deceive you. With room for five swings, two climbers, two slides, and plenty of accessories, this playset grows with your kids for long-lasting fun. Like all Woodplay wooden playsets, the Playhouse 5’ swing set is fully customizable, and has extra room for you to add even more accessories.

The playset shown above is a combo 3 and includes a slide for an exciting and safe high-speed rush as well as a swing beam to get your kids flying high outside. The combo 3 also includes a Monkey Climber addition, so your kids can imagine swinging through the trees or just hang out in your own backyard!

A wood roof adds a gorgeous architectural element to your backyard, it features stylish gables and is finished to match both redwood and cedar finishes!

The XL deck on this playset increases the available play-space of your backyard playset allowing your child’s imagination to grow into the space, and also provides more space for additional add ons!

6-in-1 creates unlimited ways to have fun! The table kids will love for picnics, snack time, birthday parties, games, writing, coloring or drawing, easily converts into a lemonade stand, pizza counter, fort, ticket booth or passport checkpoint to exotic places. The 6-in-1 also includes a sandbox feature kids can dig into, with or without the seats. Put the cover on the sandbox and it becomes a playtime platform that transforms into a stage, dance floor, chic boutique, art studio, fire station, workshop or anything else your kids dream up!

Playhouse XL 6' Combo 3 (PH.6XLB) comes with:

  • Playhouse fort 5'x5'
  • Playhouse wood roof
  • Rock wall with 16 hand grips and one rope
  • Wooden step ladder
  • Ramp with knotted rope
  • Monkey climber
  • 6-in-1 picnic table 
  • 12' super slide
  • Three position swing beam 9' tall
  • Two belt swings
  • Knotted rope and disc
  • Single 4"x4" swing arm
  • Trapeze bar with rings
  • Four 10" safety handles
  • Two 62" safety handrails
  • Ships wheel
  • Binoculars










5 FT. X 7 FT.

6 FT.

9 FT.

12 FT.

L 26'6"
W 20'5"
H 13'3"

- Base Playset
- Slide
- Swingbeam
- Monkey Climber

- Binoculars
- Periscope
- School Bell
- Trapeze
- 2 Belt Swings
- 1 Toddler Bucket Swing
- Picnic Table
- Ramp
- Wood Roof
- Rock Wall

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